Parc-Immo's tenant's guide

29 August 2019

At Parc-Immo Gestion, we have created a small tenant guide to help you with your new home. We give it to each new tenant to facilitate your move, be it in Differdange, Pétange or Belair. We remain at your disposal if you have questions.

As a tenant, you are obliged to:

A. To pay rent and recoverable expenses on agreed terms;

B. Peacefully use rented premises according to the destination given to them by the rental agreement;

C. To answer for the deteriorations and losses which occur during the duration of the contract in the premises of which it has the exclusive possession, unless it proves that they took place by force majeure, by the fault of the lessor or by the fact of a third party that he did not introduce into the accommodation;

D. To take care of the upkeep of the housing, the equipment mentioned in the contract and the minor repairs as well as all the rental repairs defined in the contract, unless they are caused by obsolescence, defective work, construction defects, fortuitous event or major force;

E. To allow to carry out improvements in the leased premises, be it in the common areas or in the private areas of the building, as well as the necessary maintenance work and the normal maintenance of the leased premises;

F. To not transform the rented premises and equipment without the written consent of the owner; failing this agreement, the latter may require the tenant, on his departure from the premises, their restoration to the state or preserve for his benefit the transformations made without the tenant can claim compensation for expenses incurred; the landlord may, however, at the lessee's expense, demand the immediate return of the premises as they are when the alterations jeopardize the proper functioning of the equipment or the security of the premises;

G. To insure himself against the risks he has to answer as a tenant and to justify them when handing over the keys and, each year, at the request of the landlord. The proof of this insurance results from the return to the lessor of a certificate from the insurer or his representative. Any clause providing for the automatic termination of the lessee's contract of non-insurance shall not take effect until one month after the unsuccessful order.

The main formalities

Your entry survery

The entry survey is a detailed description of your home before your move in. Its drafting in your presence will avoid any conflict on the origin of any damage that occurred during your occupation. This document will be attached to your lease, keep it preciously! During its establishment, do not hesitate to point out the points that you have already detected. When you leave, this document will be used to identify any responsibilities and to appreciate the restoration work.

Your deposit

When a security deposit is paid upon your entry into the premises, it corresponds to 3 months rent (excluding charges). This sum will not be productive of interest. A statement including the deposit, the cost of any rental repairs and rents and charges remaining due at your exit. The payment of the last rent cannot in any case be deduced from the deposit.

Your insurance contract

The law requires the tenant to insure to cover his responsibilities to the landlord. As a tenant, you must be insured against all the risks usually covered by homeowners' insurance policies: fire, water damage, explosion. You are required to prove your rental insurance at the handing over of the keys but also for the duration of your lease. Attention, not having an insurance will result in the termination of your lease contract.

Your departure formalities

To terminate your rental agreement, you must inform your agency of your departure by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. Your notice period is 3 months. Your notice begins on the date you receive your registered letter (or first submission).

At your exit, it is essential to proceed to the verification of your home, and to carry out if needed the necessary repairs. You must indicate to your contact your new address so that your agency can return your deposit.

Your exit survey

The exit survey is established in your presence. It will allow to compare point by point the state of the housing at your departure compared to the statement made at your arrival in the places. In the event of damage, you are required to make repairs. Otherwise, the amount corresponding to the repairs will be imputed on the amount of your deposit. Do not forget to return all keys when leaving occupation that were given to you when you entered the premises and doubles that you would have made during your rental.

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